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2024 Topps Series 2 Vending Box 400 Unpicked Base Cards w/at least 1 Yamamoto #553

2024 Topps Series 2 Vending Box 400 Unpicked Base Cards w/at least 1 Yamamoto #553

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Please read carefully so you understand what you are getting.

2024 Topps Series 1 is releasing on Wednesday June 12

Vending Boxes will begin shipping no later than Monday June 17th

Just like the olden days - in this 'FreshD Vending Box' you will receive:

400 UNPICKED base cards from 2024 Topps Series 2 - w/at least 1 YOSHINOBU YAMAMOTO #553

 So I will actually look through the cards but ONLY to ENSURE that there is AT LEAST 1 copy of YAMAMOTO #553 RC IN THERE - I will not remove any cards - I will only add 1 of those to your box if I discover that there is not one already in there. (You can see I have 11,000+ positive feedback and have been selling on EBAY for several years)

There are 350 cards in the 2024 Topps Series 2, so you *should* receive a solid portion of 1 complete set and some duplicates.

I am not GUARANTEEING that you will get a full set.

This IS NOT packaged by Topps - it is packaged by me - I am opening cases myself and making these vending boxes from the base cards I get in those cases.

This is a fun way for you to get a full set (or at least close) and some dupes of some stars and RCs, and I don't have to sort all the cards - it's a win/win situation.

These cards are opened by me and placed directly into 400 count boxes.

I am happy to offer a discount on purchases of MULTIPLE boxes.  Feel free to make me an offer.



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